4 Best Ideas for Enjoying Spring Break at Home

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Sure, COVID-19 has interrupted our plans for a refreshing spring break, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to enjoy spring break at home.  Teachers, parents, and students all deserve some time to relax.  Despite the challenges to figure out distance learning, homework assignments, and childcare schedules during school closures, we all deserve a little fun this weekend. Here are some creative ways to really enjoy a day or two and have a safe, shelter-in spring break this weekend.

Have a Themed Dinner Party

Were you planning to fly off to a tropical island or jetset to Europe? Plan a themed dinner with your family, roommates, or partner to bring the vacation to you. 

  1. Find a recipe based on your destination or support and order from a local restaurant.
  2. Order a couple decorations to create the atmosphere.
  3. Press play on a Spotify or Apple Music playlist.
  4. Put your phones away, turn off all other distractions, and let yourself truly feel like you’re on vacation mode.

Dance at Your Favorite Concert

Artists all over the world are coming together to bring the ultimate music experience straight to your living room. Concerts are being streamed live across multiple platforms from Instagram Live to YouTube. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, or have a calm quiet night, there’s something for you. If you’re in need of some dance moves, Debbie Allen has got you covered.

Tour the Museum You’ve Always Wanted to See

Technology has come so far that we can now tour all the most famous museums, cultural sites, and more from the comfort of our couch. Pick a couple locations that you’ve been curious about and set aside time to fully engage as if you are there in real life. If you want to get even more sophisticated, find a book about the place you have chosen to learn some fun facts and become your own tour guide.

Get Active

If you are more of the outdoorsy type and had a camping or backpacking trip planned, commit to staying active while at home. If you’re especially lucky and have a backyard, set up a tent for you and your family to camp from your own home. Set a goal for yourself at the start of the week with what physical activities you plan to do. Many fitness companies have committed to keeping people moving with free streaming workouts from yoga to HIIT training. Companies like ClassPass are now streaming free and easy-to-follow workout videos. Use this as an opportunity to try the class you never got around to during the school year!

Do you recommend any other great ways to enjoy Spring Break during a shelter in? Share in the comments below!


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